South Indian Classical Music

Performed on the Veena by Nirmala Rajasekarand Naadha Rasa veena ensemble.

Nirmala Rajasekar is a world renowned Carnatic veena virtuoso, composer vocalist and educator of South Indian Carnatic Music. She has performed in venues throughout the world including Carnegie Hall New York and Music Academy Chennai India. She is recipient of many awards including a Bush artistic fellowship and a McKnight fellowship. She is an Achievement award recipient from India Association MN, Rotary Vocational Excellence recipient from Rotary Club International and has been awarded the Best Senior Veena Artiste award from Narada Gana Sabha Chennai. She is also known for her expertise in talents creating collaborative projects with other music traditions including western classical music Chinese music and jazz and is hailed as ‘ A Carnatic Ambasssador’ by the press and media. She is the artistic Director of the Naadha Rasa Center for Music in Plymouth Minnesota.


  • Nirmala Rajasekar
  • Vidya Ramraj
  • Sandhya Masti
  • Sumitra Rao
  • Lavanya Subbarao
  • Sudha Ramesh
  • Sriram Natarajan on Mridangam
  • Nanda Masti on Khanjira
  • Balaji Chandran on Ghatam
Symbolic to the three rivers in India Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswathi which meet at Allabahad India and is known as the Triveni Sangama, NadaRasa school of music presents a Triveni sangam of Indian classical music ragas Mohanam, Chandrakuans and Madhayamavathi. This confluence is a rare and unique musical journey which tranforms the soul into heavenly bliss. This composition has been made created by Nirmala Rajasekar specially for this recording of Geetmala TV.


The Program

Naadha Rasa Veena Ensemble performance accompanied by percussion

Colors of Kalyani

Composed/ arranged by Nirmala Rajasekar
This piece was created by Nirmala as a special tribute to the ‘vaggeyakaras’ master composers of Carnatic music – from the Great Grandfather of Carnatic music Purandara Dasa to composers of the present day. The composition has been couched beautifully in the raga Kalyani in a manner which showcases the beauty of Veena playing. Compositions like Nidhi chala sukhama and Vasudeavayani by Saint Sri Thyagaraja, the ever melodious Thillana by Dr Balamuralikrishna are heard in this September 2012 creation.

2. Triveni – The Confluence — Composed /arranged by Nirmala Rajasekar. World premiere on Geetmala TV
Triveni is a three piece suite in in three Indian Ragas all 3 being pentatonic scles – Mohanam -a vibrant bubbly raga, Chandrakauns an emotion to be savored slowly and passionately and rounded off into Madhyamavathi which is about blessings and goodwill.

3. Bahudaari – A reverberating composition in raga Bahudari by noted veena exponent Dr. Chitti Babu created in the 70s. This has been adapted by Nirmala Rajasekar for the Naada Rasa ensemble’s performance today.

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