Fusion Music

Joy Islam & Group – Jantri


Jantri – Pronaam

Pronaam – Start our journey with a praying

Jantri – 14 Years Later

14 Years Later – Composed in 1988 over a cup of tea in Lalmatia, Dhaka Bangladesh.

Jantri – The Man with the Bowl

The Man with the Bowl – It utilizes a beat pattern from an old Indian beat called Mata Taal incorporating 9 beat blues in between.

Jantri – Raag Bhupalee

Raag Bhupalee – Working Progress.

Joy Islam | Acoustic Guitar and Vocal
Joy Islam was part of the first heavy metal band called “In Dhaka” in Bangladesh and then in United States his first band called “Soup of the Day”. He played with the band called Tarang in 2001 and raised money for India’s earth quake victim. He is self taught guitar player. Though trained in Western Music, Joy’s style is lightly influenced by Indian Classical Ragas. He is also a professional sound engineer for Nine Volt Studio and Indian Music Society of Minnesota (IMSOM). He also plays guitar with Marcus Wise, Sumon Alam, Utpal Ghoshal, Lucky Akhand, Debashish Bhattacherjee, Sri Joydeep Gosh, Sri Subhen Chatterjee and worked under great music director Debu Bhattacherjee, Imtiaz Bulbul and Khokon bhai. He mixed album for Vinayak Torvi, Rajendra Nakod, Reza Khan, Pooja Goshwami, Elephant Road and Sumon Alam.

Ravi Prasad | Tabla, Dholak Harmonium and Vocal
Ravi Prasad is an accomplished musician based in the Twin Cities. Ravi holds a Master’s degree in Music from Prayag Sangeet Samiti Allahabad, India. He has performed several times locally and internationally and has won the President’s Award in New Delhi. Ravi plays half a dozen instruments and is at home in several musical styles. Ravi has won various prizes for solo performances in Harmonium, Banjo and Singing. Over the years he has matured into a harmonium player of great caliber. He has performed with some of India’s well known musicians such as Pt. Bhimsen Joshi, Mukul Shivaputra, Pandit Siyaram Tiwari and others. Ravi’s accompaniment – at once dexterous, supportive and spontaneously inventive – combined with the rich repertoire that he has inherited from his gurus, and the inspiration that he draws from his peers has won him the admiration of music lovers and connoisseurs. He takes special interest in Global Fusion Music and is also a founding member of the fusion band Jantri.

Mashuk Rahman | Electric Guitar and Vocal
Mashuk is a great composer and a great story teller when it comes to guitar playing. There are several songs by him are still in the top chart in Bangladesh.Mashuk Rahman was also part of this heavy metal band InDhaka in Bangladesh music scene and he played with Soup of the day in Mankato. He played with Warphaze and Rockstrata bands in Bangladesh. He is one of the key composer for Jantri. Mashuk has a great guitar sound, he is very passionate when it comes to music. He released a cd in 2004 called Elephant Road in Bangladesh. He also played with Local band called Samosa and released a cd on 2010. He is with Jantri from the day one.

Mike Schultz | Bass and Upright Bass
Mike Schultz is a local Bass and Upright player. He plays with Urban Hillibilly Quartet.

Ethirajan Ramanujam | Mridangam and Ganjira
Ethirajan Ramanujam has been learning Mridangam, a south Indian percussion instrument, for the past 14 years. He is the Vice-President of the Youth Association of Classical Music (YACM, Chennai). He has performed in more than 1400 concerts to his list of concerts, all over India and Abroad. He had a musical tour to United Kingdom, in the year 2006, participating the work music festival held at Birmingham, UK. He has been awarded the “Ilam Isai Mamani award” from the Madras Kali Bari Temple. He has also been awarded the best Mridangist award (Laya Vadhyam Award) in the Youth series, Krishna Gana Sabha. He has also won many prizes including the prizes from Music Acamedy, Mylapore Fine arts, TAMBRAS, Krishna Gana Sabha etc. Ethirajan has also given many concerts in teleivisions like Sun TV, Jaya TV, Raj TV, Shankara TV, Mega Tv in India, to name a few. He has also accompanied senior artists like N.C.Soundaravalli, Lalitha Nandhini, Baby Sriram, Calcutta Vijayaragavan, Tiruvarur Girish to name a few.