Blue – Black New Future Music

Mother of Masks

Mother of Masks is an ensemble that combines original compositions and improvisations that combine oral poetry and instrumental virtuosity aimed at achieving blue-Black and revelrous pre-future music! Get ready now!


“Improvisation is an art of listening even more than playing. It takes intense concentration, open heartedness, and the ability to listen and play at the same time, and to say yes – welcoming the choices of our collaborators. It requires courage and skill, humor and the willingness to ask “”What music is asking to be born today?”

We thank and miss our friend and collaborator bassist Anthony Cox who is an original member of this group.”

Louis Alemayehu | poetry |

Born in Chicago of African and Native heritage, Louis Alemayehu developed his poetic skills and musical sensibilities as part of the Black Arts Movement of the 1970’s. As founding member of the musical group Ancestor Energy, Louis, along with composer/musicians Carei Thomas and David Wright, has been performing in support of African Liberation, Native American land rights and spirituality, the battered women’s movement and human rights for more than 25 years.

Mankwe Ndosi | vocals |

Mankwe Ndosi has been working in the Twin Cities and Chicago for more than 15 years as a music maker, performer, educator and culture weaver focused on sound, story, and expanding the vocabulary of singing. She seeks to infuse creative practice back into the worlds of healing, sustainable economic development, education and new village community building.

Donald Washington | reeds |

Donald Washington is perhaps best known as the mentor or New York-based saxophonist James Carter, his role as a co-leader of the Brad Bellows/Donals Washington Quartet, for his leadership role in the Capri Big Band, and for his musical collaborations with his family: his wife, the flutist, vocalist and conductor Faye Washington, and his son, drummer Kevin Washington.

Davu Seru | drums |

Davu Seru works regularly with Milo Fine, Dean Magraw and the bands Merciless Ghost (with saxophonist George Cartwright and basis Josh Granowski) Take Acre and Joseph Damman’s desert blues-inspired, Body Omara.